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Maple, Hazelnut and Amaranth Granola

Here’s a super tasty, delightfully crunchy, and exceptionally nutritious granola to start off the day. One more selling point: amaranth, an ancient, gluten-free grain, will keep you feeling satisfied much longer than other cereals. I like to fill a bowl with fresh fruit (berries and peaches in summer, apples or bananas in winter), milk, soy milk, kefir, or yogurt and about ⅓ cup of this granola. And when I need a quick pick-me-up, like right now, I eat a big spoonful of the granola directly from its container.

Gluten-Free Pancakes with Peaches and Blueberries

These gluten-free pancakes are light and packed with the toasty-sweet flavors of oats and whole grain corn flour. Topped with peaches and blueberries that have been gently simmered in Vermont maple syrup, they are especially suitable for breakfast on a summer weekend. They also happen to contain a good amount of bone strengthening calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D too. 

Homemade Gluten-Free Whole-Grain Soda Bread

Doesn’t this photo send you straight to the kitchen? It's from my latest book, Gluten-Free Baking. If you are missing artisanal style breads, try your hand at this whole-grain soda bread. Soda breads translate well to gluten-free baking, and are easy to make. No yeast or kneading or rising time, just cut in some butter and then mix, shape and bake. 

Gluten-Free Trail Cookies



When Steve and I were first introduced, we exchanged stories about our backpacking adventures (we are both retired backpackers), which led to our first date, which led to lots of hiking together, and eventually to our marriage. 

We rent a comfortable cabin in the Sierras each year for a week of high-mountain exploring. Our days are more relaxed than when we used to rough it, and shape up like this: While I cook breakfast, Steve builds a campfire under the pines, we eat a leisurely breakfast and read by the fire before deciding on a hike, pack a lunch, and hit the trail around 11:30—just when I start to get hungry for lunch.

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