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I was the food editor at Bon Appetit magazine for many years, and it was my job to fill its pages with tempting, reliable recipes. After long days at work, I wanted to eat well at home, and I wanted to have fun preparing dinner, so I developed an approach that I have honed over time. I will share my recipes and tactics on this blog, in the hope of inspiring you to cook simple fresh food after work, and with the aim of making it easy for you to enjoy good home-cooked dinners.

New Finds: I will introduce you to ingredients I discover that help me make delicious meals with ease. When I find terrific tools, you’ll hear about them. I’ll tell you about the cookbooks I love, and the authors who wrote them. And I will take you behind the scenes at food events I attend to help me keep current with developments in the food world; events like Cooking for Solutions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim, and Flavors of the World gathering of chefs at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Napa

Cooking for 2: My family consists of two, and the majority of the recipes here will serve two. However, when I cook a braise or a soup that improves when reheated, I make enough for more than one night, which means there is no work for a second fabulous dinner later in the week. I don’t spend much more time preparing weekend meals, and I will share some of those here too. 

I love leftovers: Leftovers can be the inspiration for a new dish, and coming up with ways to use extra cooked food or surplus uncooked ingredients is one of my favorite games. Sometimes I cook a little more of one item, to be certain I have the beginnings of an additional meal. With tips and recipes, I will show how I save time in the kitchen by transforming leftovers into terrific meals.

Food for every day: The food you will find here is mostly healthful; I focus on fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables and whole grains, cooked in olive oil rather than butter- you could say I serve a Mediterranean diet with world flavors. This is not food designed for loosing weight, but wholesome food perfect for everyday eating.

Shopping: I shop at a nearby farmers’ market once a week, because the produce is so fresh and delicious, and because it is fun; I use local and sustainable ingredients whenever practical. I hope to entice you to do the same. I also want to make it easy, so I will tell you where I find fabulous ingredients, and then will tempt you to use them in recipes I develop for this site. If you can’t fit a trip to a farmers’ market into your busy life, many supermarkets feature local ingredients and flavorful organic products that will help you cook brilliant meals.

 I live in west Los Angeles, and I will talk about where I shop, and the foods that are in season here. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, you should be able to get everything at supermarkets in your area; also look for the fresh items at a farmers’ market near you, but anticipate finding fruit and vegetables a few weeks later than in Southern California. 

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