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Come up to the mountains
and stay for a cabin meal

A Bon Appetit Editor Cooks at an Alpine Cabin
Cabin Life

Mixed Fruit Crisp;
Summer Camp at the Cabin

  Bishop refers to itself as a “Small Town with a Big Backyard.”  We are always grateful we get to play in that yard. In …

Cabin Life

Gal Pal Weekend;
Rustic Honey-Roasted Peach Tart

  Three days in the high Sierra with five of my LA gal pals! What could be better? We hiked through crazy displays of wild flowers, boated on a lake filled with frigid snow melt, picked perfectly ripe fruit at …

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Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch

Strawberries at Breakfast, A Snowy Lake at Lunch;
Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Shortcakes

Breakfast on Saturday morning was the best time for neighbors to visit, before we all headed out on our weekend adventures. Tony would put on his wetsuit and swim across a barely melted Lake Sabrina, Katharine would follow him in …

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Cabin Life

Summer Solstice Turkey Dinner;
Griddled Sugar Snap, Cannellini and Radicchio Salad

  Summer Solstice week, and it finally felt like Spring in the high Sierra. While the days were warmer than during our last trip, we still craved the heat from our woodstove in the mornings, most of the hiking trails …

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Cooking Classes at a Homeless Housing Program
Cooking to Improve Lives

The Best Thanksgiving
Mushroom Sauce
Roast Sweet Potatoes with Maple-Molasses Butter
Spiced Cranberry Sauce

Accepting the invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at a relative’s home seemed weird—I always cook this meal—but, everyone would be there, so declining would have left …

Cooking to Improve Lives

Intro to These Classes
Easy Green Pozole
My Famous Guacamole

A lanky youth walked into the community room, eyes down, mumbling an incomprehensible reply to my welcome. Then an outgoing, smiling young man bursts in with an affable hello. Next, a guy who won’t make eye contact sneaks in. Our …

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Cooking to Improve Lives

Cooking is Caring
Chicken and Vegetable Pho
Crème Brûlée

While we were eating guacamole and pozole at the end of the first class, I asked what dishes the boys would like to learn to cook. I was totally unprepared for the sophisticated requests. No one mentioned spaghetti, stir-fried chicken, …

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Cooking to Improve Lives

What’s Good with You?
Cheese Omelettes
Mustard Vinaigrette
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I’m learning that more than a bunch of easy, inexpensive recipes to recreate, the kids want good food experiences. So, not only am I going with the request for French Omelettes, but I decided to include a cheese tasting too. …

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About me

Kristine Kidd

I was Bon Appétit magazine’s Food Editor for 20 years, and it was my responsibility to fill its pages with delicious, modern and reliable recipes. I also developed many recipes for Bon Appétit, wrote a monthly column, often created the cover dishes, and was the resident food trends expert.
Then Bon Appetit moved to New York, and I stayed in Los Angeles with my husband, ending my career at the magazine. Since then I’ve written eight cookbooks and taught about food at UCLA, wellness resorts, and on small cruise ships. Twelve years ago, I developed celiac disease, which demanded a change to my diet. I began focusing on gluten-free food, and for me that means fresh gluten-free food so delicious even people who can eat wheat love it. Most recently, I blog about the adventures and food I cook at an alpine cabin and classes I teach at a homeless housing program.
Make your own apple cider at Apple Hill Ranch this Saturday. You’ll have fun and the cider will be fresh and filled with great flavor!
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Picked at Apple Hill Ranch this morning. The produce is all amazing now!
#seasonlcooking #cabincooking #cabinlife #glutenfree
Picked at Apple Hill Ranch this morning!
Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Shortcakes are perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch. Find the recipe on my blog at #cabinlife #cabincooking #seasonalcooking
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